About the Innovation HealthJam

A Jam is virtual industry collaboration event with:

  • Free online discussion forums focused on strategic and industry-critical issues.
  • Thousands of participants from various backgrounds who comment on each other’s ideas with the help of Jam hosts and VIPs.
  • Key Opinion leaders interacting with others in the forum to promote innovation and new synergies on specific topics through crowdsourcing.
  • Real-time text analysis and data mining highlight emerging trends and identify actionable results.

When: Tuesday, June 17th to Thursday, June 19th 2014
Who: People in the healthcare eco-system
Where: At your laptop or desktop computer, it’s a virtual event!
Cost: Free, but you must register to participate – Register Now

UPDATE: The Innovation HealthJam has now ended. However, you can still read what Jammers posted. To view it, please register by clicking here. After you register, be sure and check your Inbox to validate your email. Then you’ll be able to see all the great posts and activity.

For all of you that did register, here’s the link for the Jam.
While you can no longer start a thread or post a reply, you can still take the polls, read the chat transcripts, and rate the comments and posts. The Jam app will be up until July 31, 2014.

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Collaborate For The Greater Good

Come together for this Innovation HealthJam and help brainstorm new ideas for the healthcare technology area. This event will challenge a large diverse group within the medical eco-system to re-frame health care in the United States. This online brainstorming event will bring together healthcare providers, healthcare technology companies, universities, patient advocacy groups, trade associations, and government agencies from the healthcare industry to discuss how innovation can address healthcare challenges. By engaging thousands of prominent leaders, professionals, and passionate individuals, the event is intended to generate breakthrough ideas that will redefine healthcare.

After the Jam is over, a summation of the main forums (topics) will be sent out to the attendees. The content of the Jam will be used to generate new ideas that can be used by any attendee to develop and use.

The Jam application and infrastructure was created by IBM in 2001. They have been used internally at IBM by more than 300,000 employees around the world in far-reaching exploration and problem-solving. ValuesJam in 2003 gave IBM’s workforce the opportunity to redefine the core IBM values for the first time in nearly 100 years. During IBM’s 2006 Innovation Jam™- the largest IBM online brainstorming session ever held – IBM brought together more than 150,000 people from 104 countries and 67 companies. As a result, 10 new IBM businesses were launched with seed investment totaling $100 million. IBM has taken this proven infrastructure and conducted Jam for other companies, universities, and government entities worldwide. For more information on Jams, see: https://www.collaborationjam.com/

Jams are not restricted to business. Their methods, tools and technology can also be applied to social issues. In 2005, over three days, the Government of Canada, UN-HABITAT and IBM hosted a Habitat Jam. Tens of thousands of participants – from urban specialists, to government leaders, to residents from cities around the world – discussed issues of urban sustainability. Their ideas shaped the agenda for the UN World Urban Forum, held in June 2006. People from 158 countries registered for the jam and shared their ideas for action to improve the environment, health, safety and quality of life in the world’s burgeoning cities.

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